RAWKSTAR EXOTICS is an innovative cannabis lifestyle brand that prides itself on having values that are in line with the live-and-let-live / love-and-let-love ethos that San Francisco is famous for. RAWKSTAR is for the extract aficionado who wants to roll with the entourage that can only be found in high-end, live resin or rosin extracts. Not only does RAWKSTAR deliver the coveted entourage effect, but in the words of Bob Marley, it “brings you to yourself.” RAWKSTAR lets you become who you are. Unlike traditional dead concentrates that were extracted long after harvest, RAWKSTAR brings you a lively, engaged, full-spectrum experience characterized by the synergy of naturally high terpenes and the gamut of cannabinoids that only live extracts can provide. With our roots planted firmly in the celebration of all races, sizes, ethnicities, sexualities, and gender identities, RAWKSTAR is small-batch with a big heart. We believe EVERYBODY IS A STAR, and we create strains designed to make you shine like one.

RAWKSTAR EXOTIC EXTRACTS are all indoor and pesticide-free, made with unique, hard-to-find strains bred to appeal to the discerning chronnoisseur. Our artisan rosin process utilizes the lowest temperatures possible to maintain high cannabinoid and terpene content. RAWKSTAR highs are therefore more complex, fully developed, and more nuanced, with richer terpene profiles that not only enhance the experience, but backstage, increase the medicinal properties of the plant. And no solvents are ever used in any stage of the process, meaning you get a lab-tested product that is pure, clean, and radical every time.